Drilling rig БУКС-1У5 (БУКС-1 М)

Designed for blast-hole drilling of cementation, methane drainage and exploration holes with sinking and deepening of mine vertical shafts of 4.0-9.0 m internal diameter together with shaft loading machines of KC type

Tensile strength of bored rock σ сж (MPa), max. 230
Performance output (m/min), min.  
with rock hardness σ сж up to 150 MPa 1.90
with rock hardness σ сж up to 230 MPa 0.92
with boreholes drilling 1.16
Drilling depth (m)
with blast-hole drilling 4.4
with boreholes drilling 5,0
Number of drilling rigs (pcs)
with blast-hole drilling 4-2
with boreholes drilling 2
Bit gauge (mm) 42-52
Inclination of the drilling rig to the vertical (°), max. 20
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.5
Air flow-rate per one drilling rig (m3/min) 14.2
Water flow-rate per one flush of 100 m blast-holes and holes (m3) 1.0
Overall dimensions of the machine replaceable part in transport position (mm)
circumscribed circle diameter 1950
height 9500
Weight of as-completed delivery (kg) 9300-11900
Selection of the drilling gear is determined subject to the drilled rock hardness σ сж. The rig is supplied with two types of perforators:
for rock hardness σ сж up to 150 MPa тип М2
for rock hardness σ сж up to 230 MPa тип ПК 60
Drilling rig БУКС-1У5 (БУКС-1 М)
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Drilling rig БУКС-1У5 (БУКС-1 М)