Horizontal screw centrifuges HSC-1,00-VM-U

Designed for dehydration of primary and washed coal slime of 3-0 mm in size. It can be used in processing plants and plants with wet-washing method of coals and anthracites in operational environment of MCC4 (moderately cold climate) according to NST 15150-69, B-production category, the room of IIa class with ambient air temperature from +5 to +40 ° C.

Main advantages:

  • Reduced sediment humidity compared to vacuum filters by 10-13%.
  • Reduced power consumption compared to vacuum filters by 3-5 times;
  • Reduced exploitation expenditures and improved maintainability.
Name of the parameter and size HSC-1,00-VM-U
Performance by starting material, t/h 100…120
Perfomance by sediment, т/ч 25-30
Humidity of starting material, % 45-500
Humidity of sediment, % 10-15
Maximum internal diameter of rotor, mm 1000+3
Width of rotor’s filtering surface gap, mm 0,4+0,1
Rotation frequency of auger, rpm 10+0,08
Rotation frequency of rotor, rpm 9,8+0,08
Indicated engine capacity, kW 37
Overall dimensions, mm
length 2620,00
width 2330,00
height 1990,00
Weight (without spare parts kit), kg 4350,0+240,0
Horizontal screw centrifuges HSC-1,00-VM-U