Толкатель канатный

Rope cager 16-80U, 16-80-01U

Rope cager RCT 16-80 is designed for pushing through the single cars and trains on haulage-road as well as for cars exchange in cages,  on exchanging platforms and rotary dumpers in coal and ore mining industry. Rope cager RCH 16-80 is designed for cars exchange in cages..

Name of the parameter and size ТКО 16-80,0У ТКО 16-80, 0-01У
Pushing action (difference of rope’s branches static charge on pulley), N, no less than 1600
Lift of cam, mm: from to 10400 80000
Pushing speed, m/s, no more than 0,5
Electric drive: type, power capacity, kW number of revolutions, rpm ВРП 160 S6 11 1000
Reducer:type, speed ratio Ц2У-315Н, 50
Friction pulley diameter, mm 450
Pulling part rope
Rope diameter 16,5Г-I-Ж-О-Н-1568(160) ГОСТ 3077-80
Weight, kg 3890 4190
Rope cager 16-80U, 16-80-01U