Control cabinet of automated management system AMS

Designed for automatic control of processes.
standard model of control cabinet allows to undertake the control of the chain of facilities involved in the process of sampling and processing (controlling sampler, loader’s belt, sample conditioner, facility for allocation of sample residues).

Intuitive interface of the cabinet, real time demonstrated process of sampling and processing allows the operator to control the whole technological process on a single screen.

The main advantages of AMS:

  • adjustment of automatic mode is simplified;
  • new convenient adjustment of samples level  in cans is added;
  • it possesses IP54 protection level (dustproof, spreading in any direction splashes protection);
  • electrical network is assembled on the basis of programming logical controller;
  • productivity of the machine is increased to 20% on the whole at the cost of automated speed pass of an empty area of the feeder belt and automated regulation of the speed of the infeed;
  • digital display allows visualization of overall number of samples, sample number received from the sampler, technological process information, and all kinds of accidental situations with the machine components;
  • new kinds of protection are added: electronic overheat protection relay of grinder’s and feeder’s drive, maximum protection of grinder’s electrical drive. Protection from accidental situation connected with presence of uncrushing material in the grinder with the speed of 0.1 seconds for detection and stopping is also available;
  • intellectual tracking system of sampler operation, which detects and informs about sampler’s running failures;
  • energy consumption in automatic mode is reduced for 30% at the expense of absence of non-operating period and steady load of the grinder;
  • automatic adjustment of feeder belt speed depending on hardness and humidity level of the grinding material;
  • installation of touch control panel is possible as well as online or GSM control.
Control cabinet of automated management system AMS