Пылепитатель УЛПП

Paddle pulverized coal feeder PPCF

Designed for uniform supply of coal dust of needed quantity from the bin into dust pipes to burners, as well as for bin rooffing to avoid own-accord leakage of dust into the dust pipe the smoke damper machine is used.

Name of the parameter and size PPCF-1 PPCF-2
Maximum performance  with coal dust  specific bulk weight of 0.63 and cell filling ratio of 0.8, t/h:
one-celled 5 5
two-celled 10
Dust feeder drive:
power capacity, kW, no less than 2 2
reducer worm-type 49 worm-type 49
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1480 1950
width 980 1000
height 1330 1330
Weight, kg, no more than 1100 1200
Paddle pulverized coal feeder PPCF
1.7 (33.33%) 3 Голос[ов]
Paddle pulverized coal feeder PPCF