Analytical Sample Conditioner AC-10M

Analytical Sample Conditioner AC-10M  is designed for  grinding hard coal and lignite, anthracite, bituminous shale and their washed products  of no more than 10 mm in size, as well as for preparing analytical samples and grinding other materials with similar characteristics of the above mentioned (particle size, abrasivity, hardness etc .).

The machine is a stationary installation including the crusher with a proportioning vibrating feeder, an electrical drive, a receiving bunker for ground product  and a control module. All components are stand mounted.
Sphere of application: coal washing plants, mines and other enterprises.

Name of the parameter and size AC-10М
Performance , t/h, at least 0,0085
Starting material size, mm, no more than 10
Size of drawn product for samples, мм, 0-0,2
Number of samples produced by the machine, pcs 1
Humidity of starting material Air-dry state
Storage capacity for starting sample, сс 1000
Installed capacity, кВт 4
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than
length 500
width 560
height 1400
Rectified sound-power level, dBA, no more than 103
Operative environment Room of B-IIa class
Mode of operation manual
Circuit voltage, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50
Weight, kg, no more than 130
Analytical Sample Conditioner AC-10M
5 (100%) 1 Голос[ов]
Analytical Sample Conditioner AC-10M