Sampler of PRO-type

Designed for sampling pulp assays on processing plants and non-ferrous metals industry enterprises. Can be used in automized samples collection and transportation to express-laboratories  system. Samples collection is carried out due to independent technological flows from conveyor through, in the places of flow gap and drop. This sampler is designed for exploiting in moderate climate, e.g. in the rooms with temperature ranging from +1 to +45 degrees Celsius.

When working in local mode it is delivered with control device. When working as a component of automized  system  it is delivered with switching unit. Technical characteristics can be changed in accordance with customer’s demands.

Name of the parameter and size PRO
Amount of testing technological pulp flow used, m3/s, no more than 0,72
Amount of solid phase in pulp, %, no more than 60
Cross section of pulp testing streams, mm, no more than:
width 700
height 200
Speed of pulp testing stream, m/s, no more than 2
Blade’s cutting stroke, mm 800
Регулировка ширины щели ножа, мм 1…35
Скорость перемещения ножа, m/s 0,3
Blade position angle in vertical plane, deg. 0…90
Overall dimension, mm:  
length 1250
width 425
height 292
Weight, kg, no more than 95
Sampler of PRO-type