Площадки качающиеся ПК

Сage jump sets CJS

Swinging platforms are designed to connect the haulage tracks, mine cages with rails of landing platforms  of  vertical unbalanced single-rope hoisting equipped with rigid guides. SBs are used for heightwise connection without latching with operating angle of platform rotation between + 9 ° (upper) and -8 ° (bottom). 24 sizes of platforms are produced with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives and work in both forced and self-maintained haul modes.

Preferred sphere of ​​application: landing platforms of pithead buildings, shaft insets and intervaning levels in combination with standardized, ranged and individual cages equipped with rigid or roller guides with lateral or frontal location of the conductors.

Name of the parameter and size CJS
Static load, kN 110. . .150
Relative outreach length, mm 1500; 2000; 2500
Track, mm 600; 750; 900
Rope elastic stretch compensation, mm 440. . . 740
cage jump set  fore-and-aft axis width, mm  
drive side 1120; 1195; 1270
opposite to drive side 700; 775; 850
Input/output weight of cage jump set  without drive (kit), kg 1310/1920 (2710/4330)
Сage jump sets CJS