Electrical rotary car dumper  ERCD

Shaft cars dumpers with an electrical drive are designed for unloading mining freight cars with a solid-bottom and of MC-type in a break-up or non-break-up train, without skipping (RD) and skip (ERD) locomotive.

 They are applied at mining enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

RD and ERD dampers are exploited at mining enterprises of ferrous, non-ferrous and mining and chemical industries, being not gas and dust hazardous.

Distinctive features:

  • the widespread use of standardized assembly units and parts;
  • increased performance  at the expense of increasing the speed of rotation of the tipper drum and weight,  unloaded in one cycle;
  • the presence of a soundproof booth for an operator;
  • the use of a pneumatic drive to control the stop
Name of the parameter and size ERCD1-4,5-750А ERCD2-4,5-750А(900А)
Type of unloaded cars MC-4,5А MC-28; MC-4,5А
Number of simultaneously unloading cars 1 1; 2
Time for a drum revolution, s 13±1 13±1
Control Automatic or distant (local)
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than:
lengthwithout a stop and spare drive 8500 12500
width 6300 6300
height 4500 4500
Weight, kg, no more than 40000 50000
Electrical rotary car dumper  ERCD
4 (80%) 1 Голос[ов]
Electrical rotary car dumper  ERCD