Машины стволовые погрузочные КС-2У/40, 2КС-2У/40

Shaft loading machines КС-2У/40, 2КС-2У/40

Meant for mechanisation of loading of shot rock into hoisting vessels during tunnelling of vertical mine shafts.
The machines are used in combination with different configurations of sinking equipment applied in coal, mining and shale industries during shafts tunnelling by drill and blast tunnelling method.

Subject to the customers requirements, they are completed with drilling rig БУКС-1У5, which enable motorization of labour-intensive tunnelling like blast holes drilling.
Loading machines are fabricated in two designs:

  • single-grab machine КС-2У/40 – for shafts of 5;5.5;б;6, 6.5, 7;7.5 and 8 m;
  • double-grabs machine 2КС-ЗУ/40 – для for shafts of 7;7.5 and 8 m.

Shafts depth to be worked by machines is not limited, since they are suspended immediately to sinking stages.

Name of the parameter and size КС-2У/40 2КС-2У/40
Number of grabs 1 2
Number of sets of grabs driving and steering gears 1 2
Technical performance of shot rock loading (m3/min), min, no less than 1,7 3,0
Loading cycle duration , с 20-25
Working body capacity , м3 0,7
Rated output of compressors motors , kW, max 320 630
Shaft loading machines КС-2У/40, 2КС-2У/40