Analytical Sample Conditioner ASC-3M

Analytical Sample Conditioner ASC-3M is designed for  grinding hard coal and lignite, anthracite, bituminous shale and their washed products  of no more than 3 mm in size, as well as for preparing analytical samples and grinding other materials with similar characteristics of the above mentioned (particle size, abrasivity, hardness etc .).

The main advantages:

  • easy maintainance
  • operating reliability and fail-safety
  • stationary installation
  • low noise level if operating
  • case tightness
  • dust-free
  • 3 pieces of produced samples
  • automative operational mode
  • low cost of spare parts
Name of the parameter and size ASC-3M
Performance , t/h 0,0055…0,0075
Starting material size, mm, no more than 3
Size of drawn product for samples, mm 0…0,2
Number of samples produced by the machine, pcs 3
Humidity of starting material Air-dry state
Installed capacity, kW no more than 3,75
Operative environment Room of B-IIa class
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than:
length 1400
width 800
height 650
Weight, kg, no more than 390
Analytical Sample Conditioner ASC-3M
3 (60%) 1 Голос[ов]
Analytical Sample Conditioner ASC-3M