Лебедки монтажные электрические серии ЛМ

Electric installation winches IW

Are designed for moving heavy loadings during mounding operations related to hoisting, holding the installing elements in suspension before mounting the design position, as well as for completing units of hoisting machines. Operating position of the winch is its mounting on level ground. The winch can be exploit in the macroclimate areas with mild climate (M climate version). The winch is not made for men hoisting.

IW-0,25; IW-0,35; IW-0,5; IW-1; IW-1,5; IW-2 IW-3,2; IW-5; IW-6,3; IW-8; IW-10; IW-12

Name of the parameter and size IW-2 IW-3,2 IW-6.3 IW-8
Pulling force, kN 20 32 63 80
Rope speed at the last layer of rope reeling, m/s, no more than 0,2 0,14 0,12 0,25
Rope diameter, mm, no less than 13,5 18 22,5 22,5
Coiling length of a drum, м, no less than 250 250 250 200
Installed capacity
э/двиг., kW, no less than
5,5 11 7,5 15
Number of drive’s revolutions, rpm 1500 750 1000 1000
Winch weight without rope and electronic control gear, kg 593 890 1450 1750
Brake type ТКГ-160 ТКГ-200 ТКГ-200 ТКГ-300
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1170 1325 1395 1645
width 1105 1400 1385 1755
height 730 802 900 1080
Electric installation winches IW