Pneumatic shunting winch PSW and PSW-01 (SSP-14)

Is designed for shunting operations, moving trains when loading coal into cars in the horizontal workings of coal mines equipped with pneumatic power.

Name of the parameter and size PSW PSW-01
Pulling force, kN 12 16
Rope speed at the last layer of rope reeling, m/s 0,68
Coiling length of a drum (при диаметре каната 14 mm), м, no less than 210 330
Engine of the winch:
type К11ML К18ML
power capacity, kW 11 18
rotation frequency, rpm 1500
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 780 780
width 1120 1120
height 650 650
Weight without rope, kg 800 850
Pneumatic shunting winch PSW and PSW-01 (SSP-14)