Лебедки маневровые ЛМ

Shunting winch SW

Designed for pulling rail low-sided wagons with carrying capacity of 63 … 125 t at loading points with performance  of 200 … 400 t / h. Rail road way (rails) must be free of spillage material, litter, snow, ice. Winches can be used for subsidiary work connected with freight movement along a horizontal track. Winches are highly reliable and trouble-free in operation.

Winches SW-71 or  SW-140 are produced in two versions:

1. With  the hard drive of the drum for both directions of the motor rotation :

  • Version with arresting device;
  • Version with additional block brake BB and electromagnetic brake drive EBD explosion-proof drive.

2. With the free-running drum while motor rotation reversing.

Name of the parameter and size SW-71 и BE-71 with arresting device SW-71 RA SW-71 with additional block SW-140 SW-140 with additional block SW-140 RA
Pulling force at the last layer of rope reeling, kN, no less than 71 140
Rope speed at the last layer of rope reeling, m/s, no more than 0,2
Rope diameter, mm, no less than 22,5 27,5
Coiling length of a drum, м, no less than 100 200
Installed capacity, kW, no more than 11 18,5 22
Number of drive rotations, rpm 1500
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1120 1150 970 1505 1560 1505
width 1190 1350 1100 1360 1360 1360
height 815 818 810 1190 1190 1190
Winch weight (without rope and regulating instruments), kg, no more than 950 1150 1000 2450 2550 2650
Shunting winch SW