Лебедки электрические маневровые серии ЛЭМ

Electric shunting winches ESW

Are designed for moving railway cars, platforms and tank cisterns. The use of railway winches ESW on loading and off-loading areas on railway landings allows to replace locomotives and save expenses significantly.

Installation of electrically-efficient engines in winches ESW  allows to achieve the minimum operating energy expenditure. Double-drum construction of winches ESW makes for its easy exploitation, it requires no additional tools for tightening rope to the cars. Winches ESW  for cars can be made both of industrial and explosion-proof model. Explosion-proof model of shunting winches ESW-10 allows to use winches in hazardous environment for moving of railway cars with explosive freight  and tank cisterns with POL, and use a winches ESW in  POL warehouses.

Name of the parameter and size ESW-8 ESW-10 ESW-15
Approximate number of cars 8 10 15
Pulling forc eof the main drum, kN 80 100 150
Rope speed at the first layer on the main drum with current frequency of 50 hz, m/s 0,0696 0,06
Freight weight in moving cars, t 500 750 900
Coiling length of a drum, m:
of the main drum 350 250
of the auxiliary drum 710 250
Power capacity of electrical motor, kW 11 15
Rope diameter, mm:
of the main drum 25,5 28 32
of the auxiliary drum 9,1 11
Overall dimension
(length / width / height), mm
1988х 1728х1161 2310х 2120х1310 2350х 2020х1310
Weight, kg 2800 5500 5800
Electric shunting winches ESW
1 (20%) 1 Голос[ов]
Electric shunting winches ESW