Лебедки 1ЛВ-09, 1ЛВ-10

Winches  1ADW-09, 1ADW-10

Winches are produced on the basis of cone-worm special lift reducer CWSLR-160 and open gear transmition, distant control with automatic brakes on the worm-screw of the reducer, independent manual control of the starting mechanism  according to the preset program  , great pulling force if low weight.


Designed for gate valves and sliding shutters relocation in the air flow control system  of main ventilation fan units, and for hoisting and relocation the freight on the surface, where the fixed positioning of installation is required.


Winch 1VW-10 is designed for conveyor belts tension and for moving various freights on the ground in gas and dust hazardous mines, as well as for lifting and relocating the freight on the surface.

Name of the parameter and size 1ADW-09 1ADW-10
Pulling force at the last layer of rope reeling, kN 50 50
Rope speed, m/s 0,08 0,08
Rope diameter, mm 19,5 19,5
Coiling length of a each drum cell (with rope diameter of 19,5 mm), m 16 70
Number of drum cells, pcs 2 1
Drive’s engine:
type АИУ132S8У2.5 АИУ132M8У2.5
Installed capacity, kW 4 5,5
Brakes type Shoe break on reducer’s worm-screw, automatic
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 2010 2010
width 790 670
height 810 810
Weight without rope, kg 900 900
Winches  1ADW-09, 1ADW-10
5 (100%) 1 Голос[ов]
Winches  1ADW-09, 1ADW-10