Prop-drawing winch PDW-130

Is designed for subsidiary work during mounting (dismounting) of mechanized longwall set of equipment with mechanized face caving by continuous collapse method, extraction of wood in gas (methane) and dust hazardous horizontal mine workings. The winch can be used to move cargo without independent moving  in the workings sloping up to 10 °, and also during shunting work to haul up railway low-sided cars on horizontal sections of loading points. The winch can be used at sites where there is enough electrical general purpose industrial equipment according to safety rules.

Terms of use:

  • Gas based mines category: up to and including the above quota categories, exploiting seams, hazardous by gas, dust and sudden outbursts
  • ambient temperature from +1 to +35 °С
  • relative humidity of ambient temperature + (35 ± 2) ° C but not more than 98%
  • the maximum angle of mounting (dismounting) room – no more than 10°
  • winch can be used to work with ambient temperature from -30 to +40 ° C. At temperatures below 0 ° C it is recommended to use oil MC20.
Pulling force, kN 130
Rope speed, average, m/s 0,14
Coiling length of a drum, м 150
Operating voltage, V 380/660/1140
Drive’s engine :
power capacity, kW 30
rotation frequency, rpm 1500
Number of brakes, pcs. 1
Type of brake shoe type brake
Mechanical brake’s drive hydropuller HP-50MRV
Overall dimension (length / width / height), mm 2590x810x1105
Weight without rope, kg 2100
Prop-drawing winch PDW-130