Shaft winch SW

Is designed to move equipment in mounting and dismounting cambers of stope and development workings without limitation of inclination angles in gas and dust hazardous coal mines. Can be used to deliver equipment and materials through development workings, extract roadway supports and equipment in case of workings shut-downs, for subsidiary works while mounting and dismounting of mining complexes and other works related to moving and hoisting freight.

Pulling force at the last layer of rope reeling, kN, no less than 130
Rope speed at the last layer of rope reeling, m/s 0,17±0,02
Coiling length of a drum, м 300
Installed power capacity, kW 22
Type of the drum’s brake’s drive HMR-4
Type of drive’s electromagnetic brake of the reducer PET-1 (PET-3)
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 3400
width 1100
height 1300
Weight, kg 4050
Shaft winch SW