Лебедка ЛПЧКМ

Pneumatic mechanical rope winch PMRW

It is used in any mines of  gas   and  dust based category for installation in the complexes for coal loading into railway cars on the surface, and for remote control of gates, valves and barriers of receiving and departure platforms of coal mines.
It is used in any climate conditions with ambient temperature not lower than 1° С.

Full-load torque on output shaft, N/min (kgf/min) 2100 (210)
Pulling force, kN, no less than 25
Rope’s average  speed, m/s 0,08
Coiling length of a drum без учета витков трения, м 4
Recommended rope’s diameter, mm 11
Number os friction turns on a drum 3
Brake torque, created by clutch and brake, N*m (kgf/min) 50 (5)
Engine power capacity, kW 4
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1147
width 510
height 581
Weight, kg, no more than 450
Pneumatic mechanical rope winch PMRW