Drag bar shaft reverse conveyor DR70M (2DR70M)

Conveyor is designed for delivering coal and mined rock in the working faces on the seams of not less than 0.8 m and mine workings, as well as for conducting subsidiary work (forest or equipment delivery). Drag bar shaft conveyor is designed for delivery of coal, mined rock and materials through mine workings with the freight traffic of up to 700 t/h in working faces with wide-web or drilling-and-blasting type of continuous mining on the seams of not less than 0.9 m. Conveyors can also be used in boiler houses, agriculture, building and other industries.

Name of the parameter and size СР70М 2СР70М
Length in delivery, m 100 100, 150, 200
Perfomance at V = 1,0 m/s, t/min., т/h, no less than 5,8 (350) 8,7 (525)
Flight chain velocity, m/s 0,77±0,05 1,00±0,05
Number of engines 1 2
Drive blocks positioning one-sided two-sided
Engine voltage, V 380, 660, 1140 380, 660, 1140
Indicated power capacity of electrical motor, kW 45, 55 55
Number and positioning of chains two in slideways two in slideways
Chain type (caliber, pitch, strength class) round-link, class C round-link, class C
Through side height, mm 230 230
Through length by sides, mm 1536 595
Through width by sides, mm 460 525
Delivery set weight of 100 m lengthm t 16,7 30.8
Drag bar shaft reverse conveyor DR70M (2DR70M)
3 (60%) 6 Голос[ов]
Drag bar shaft reverse conveyor DR70M (2DR70M)