Double-impact screens DIS

Double-impact screen DIS72. Is designed for size classification of bulk materials with bulk weight of not more than 2.8 t / m3  size of 200 mm at operations: dry size classification of bulk materials  with humidity level of 5% and temperature of 120 oC; wet  size classification dehydration, deshaling  and washing the suspension excluding washing products. The screen is MUTDIS72-sized.

Double-impact screen DIS82.Designed for bulk materials screening into three classes with bulk weight of not more than 2.8 t / m3 . It is used at ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry enterprises, as well as in building industry as a technological equipment..

Name of the parameter and size DIS72 DIS82
Size of screening media, mm
length 6768 6160
width 2500 3020
Number of layers, pcs 1; 2 2
Angle of screening media, degree 0…8 10
Vibration amplitude, mm 4…8 6…12
Indicated engine capacity, kW 2х18,5 2х37
Deck vibration frequency, min-1 735 740
Perfomance by feeding, max, т/ч 570 1700
Feeding lumps size, mm, no more than 200 200
Weight of the vibrating part, kg, no more than 9000 14150
Double-impact screens DIS