Coke unbalanced throw screen SV-5,2×2-K (CUTS-52A)

Designed for screening of low-mesh coke before loading coke into the blast furnace with the feeding lump size of not more than 80 mm.

Name of the parameter and size SV-5,2×2-K (CUTS-52A)
Performance by starting material, t/h, до 225
Number of layers, pcs 2
Size of screening media, mm, no more than
width 1750
length 3000
Angle of screening media, degree 18
Surface area of screening media, m2 5,25±0,2
Deck vibration amplitude, mm 4,5±0,2
Vibration frequency, s-1 15±0,2
Indicated power capacity of electrical motor, kW 17
Overall dimensions of vibrating part of the screen, mm, no more than:
length 3000
width 2500
height 650
Weight, kg, no more than 3400
Coke unbalanced throw screen SV-5,2×2-K (CUTS-52A)