Laboratory jaw breaker  LJB-80x150A

Designed for fine grinding of rocks and other materials in laboratory environment, with compressive strength of less than 2,500 kgf / cm2.

Name of the parameter and size LJB-80x150A
Size of receiving opening, mm 200
length 150
width 80
Maximum size of loading material, mm 70
Width of output slit, mm 1,1
minimum 4
maximum 20
Power capacity of electrical motor, kW, no more than 1,5
Perfomance, kg/ч, no less than: 370
with 6 mm output slit 500
with 10 mm output slit 660
with 20 mm output slit 1000
Overall dimensions, mm no more than: 200
length 950
width 430
height 540
Weight , kg, no more than 165
Laboratory jaw breaker  LJB-80x150A