Impact mill IM-90

Designed to prepare laboratory samples of hard coal and lignite, anthracite, bituminous shale and their washing  products, as well as for sample preparation of other mineral products with similar characteristics to coal ( size, hardness, etc). The machine is set by a customer individually in mine’s  sample conditioning room and mining and processing plants.

Explosion-proof machine assembling  allows to run it  according to "The safety regulations at mining and processing and coal (shale) briquetting enterprises ".

Name of the parameter and size IM-90М
Performance , t/h, no more than 1,2
Starting material size, mm, no more than 90
Size of drawn product for samples, mm 3
Holding capacity of sample collector, c3, no less than 15000
Humidity, %, no more than:
lignite 60
hard coal and anthracite 18
bituminous shale 17
Installed capacity, kW, no more than 5,5
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than:
length 1250
width 900
height 1550
Operative environment Room of B-IIa class
Circuit voltage, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50
Weight, kg, no more than 500
Impact mill IM-90
2 (40%) 4 Голос[ов]
Impact mill IM-90