CAMSSCP – Complex of automated management system of samples collection and processing

Designed for automatic start and stop of machines, a s well as for implementing different kinds of protection, blocking, warning, outlined by safety system and machine depletion normative-technical documents.

The standard scheme  of CAMSSCP presupposes the control of  sample conditioner  LSC-150M1U, sampler PSM-12, delivering and carrying off material transporter (elevator, conveyor for allocation of used material).
It receives control signals from the main conveyor, quard magnet, sliding device,  and other mechanisms according to TS.  It gives signals in the main conveyor drive circuit, provides sound and light warning of the imminent start of every mechanism  of the complex.
It can be adapted to any concrete TS with the possibility of management  of up to 20 equipment items if needed (sample conditioner, sampler, conveyor, residues deletion elevators, quard magnet, sliding gate etc.)

Distinctive features:

  • it consists of starting equipment, automatization and management  of asynchronous  squirrel-cage motor;
  • it is metal cabinet-mounted with IP54 protection level
  • control mode:
    a.    fully automatic (time between sampling and level of samples in cans can be set up)
    b.    partially automatic (correction of operational modes is possible)
    c.    manual (manual start of complex mechnizms, for use during repair and adjustment work)
  • top position of the sample conditioner bucket is controlled, preventing breakdowns connected with the bucket stop in the main conveyor material flow;
  • protection of all the mechanisms of the complex is improved;
  • automatic adjustment of the speed of sample conditioner’s feeder belt is presupposed for grinder’s staedy load;
  • complex’ scheme can be standard as well as adjusted to customer’s TS
  • according to customer’s TS, GSM/GPRS modem installation is possible for remote notification about accidental situations through wireless GSM communication systems, Ethernet interface for monitoring the process in internal network or Internet (for Internet connection IAP is needed)
CAMSSCP – Complex of automated management system of samples collection and processing