Structural Subdivision LLC “Donbasskaia industrialnaia kompaniia” dealing with equipment repair carries out the following operations:

  • maintenance service;
  • repair;
  • overhaul;
  • warranty repair (as agreed with the manufacturer) of equipment for mining enterprises and beneficiation plants.

Possessing a powerful mechanical repair centre which is based on the wide park of metal working machines, SS LLC “DIK” possesses the unique technologies of KRUMMENAUER (Germany), which are used successfully for roadheader repairs. The structural subdivision has mastered the nanotechnologies for restoring worn surfaces by using a repair and restoration compound intended to create the smart surface isomorph which is unique and which has no analogues in increasing the service life of friction units in mechanisms and machine parts.


  • roadheaders using originals spare parts manufactured by Yasinovatsky Machine Building Plant, Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant, Novokramatorsky Machinostroitelnv Zavod, Novogorlovsky Engineering Plant, and HAZEMAG (Germany);
  • scraper conveyors, with the use of home-produced high-quality component parts;
  • winches with the replacement of bronze globoid worm-gear crowns.

Overhaul of Mining Equipment:

  • УКД200-250, К J 0ЯМ, t К101У У К Д K400, 2ГШ68Б, КШ1КГУ, КДК500, УСТ4 shearers;
  • roadheaders КСП22 (32,33,42,43). КГТР, КПД, КПД, П220 (110), 1П110.2П110, КП200(21), 1ГГ1КС, УКД200, УКН400 shearers;
  • УРАЛ-10(20) heading-and-winning machine;
  • 1ППН5Я, ППН21, 1ПНБ2У, 2ПНБ2ЛПИН5, МПК1600, НК1, МППЗ, МПЛ22, БПР, ПНБ4Д, ППН1С, ППМ4У, МПК1200(1300), МПК-3, ПНБ3Д2М, 1ПНБ2Б, 1ПНБ2 loaders;
  • ППН1, ППH3А rock loaders;
  • К-312 bucket loader (manufactured in Germany and similar loaders);
  • TL1500 (600, 800, 1200) HAZEMAG telehandler;
  • (EI160, EL160LS. HAZEMAG) dintheader;
  • МПР ripper loader;
  • МПБ1200 drilling ripper loader:
  • УБШ252 (253A, 313А, 210A), EBW48-1 HAZEMAG mine drilling machines;
  • Старт, СБГ1M, Б15-503, БРК200-5Г, HKP, СБН, Стрела-77 drilling rigs;
  • КСД27Ш, СПЦ230 loaders;
  • СП26 (26У, 250, 251), СПЦ26 (163M, 271M), КСД26, КСД26В scraper conveyors;
  • 1Л800Д, 1Л1000Д, 2Л1000Д, 1Л80УК, 1ЛТ800К, 1Л1000, 2Л100У, 3Л100У, 3Л1000Д, 3Л1200Д, 4Л1200Д belt conveyors;
  • ОВШ, ОБ4 car tippers;
  • ЛВ25 (45), ЛВУ25, 1ЛВМ, 1ЛB-09 (10), 1ЛВШ-01, ЛП, ЛШМ, 3ЛП, 1ЛГКНМ, ЛМ-71 (140), 17ЛС2СМА(ПМА), 30ЛС2СМА(ПМА), 55ЛС2СМА(ПМА), ЛПЭП, ЛПК-10Б, ЛТ-200, ЛПЭР, ЛПЗ, ЛПП mine winches;
  • parallel-shaft, right-angle, worm, and planetary reduction gears.

Overhaul of Beneficiation Equipment:

  • ФВШ-950, ФВШ-1320, ЦфШнB-l.00BM, ЦфШнГ-l.00BM, ФВВ-1121, Наэль-3А centrifuges;
  • МПЛ-150 (Ml, M2), ПЩ-35, ПА-10, МАП-2, МЛА-3М, МПЛ-300М, ДМ-90М (150, 300), ДДЗ-4(6.8) sample conditioners;
  • BBH, КВН, 1B20 pumps of all types;
  • ДН-19 (21), 30-6 (10) shaft and others;
  • CKB-20, СКВП-20 (32) roller;
  • vibrators for screens of all types;
  • BНВ-2M, УРАЛ vibration machines;
  • БАВТ-400 aerator units;
  • ФМУ-6 (12) flotation machines.