Вибропитатель с инерционными вибраторами ВП (ПИ)

Vibrating feeder with inertia-type vibrator VF

Vibrating feeders with inertial-type vibrators are available in a support or suspendable version with right or left-hand engine positioning.

Delivery of vibrating feeders with control systems which provide smooth control performance is possible. These feeders are easily  run under load, which enables them to be used as a bin gate. They are effectively used for unloading coke, coal, limestone, ore, roasted pellets from the bins, as well as in loading complexes of mentioned bulk materials into railway cars.
Technical characteristics of vibrating feeders are assorted individually basing on agreement with customers.

Name of the parameter and size VF-1,2х2 VF-1,0х2,2
Performance , t/h 100…300 250…500
Width of through, mm 1200 1000
Length of through, mm 2100 2240
Indicated power capacity of electrical motor, kW 5,5 7, 5
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 2200 2365
width 1600 1350
height 560 605
Weight, kg, no more than 900 1200
Vibrating feeder with inertia-type vibrator VF
2.4 (48%) 5 Голос[ов]
Vibrating feeder with inertia-type vibrator VF