Устройство подвесное модернизированное УП-М

Upgraded suspension gear УП-М

Serves for connection of steel round rotating balance ropes to hoisting vessels and counter-weight systems of single- and multiple-ropes cargo and cargo-personnel lifting facilities
34 nominal dimensions are fabricated for ropes of 36-61 mm diameter and loaf of 147-196 kN.

Name of the parameter and size УП-2М УП-3М
Static load, kN 147 196
Main rope diameter for eye-ring , mm 36,0-54,5 51,0-61,0
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 270-340 360-410
width 280 330
height 2529-4017 2799-4251
Weight, kg 275-506 480-652
Upgraded suspension gear УП-М