Shunter controller SC-12M2A-CS

Designed for shunting by moving railway cars under the loading point and other purposes at the temperature of -20 … + 35 ° C, in conditions not requiring special protection from dust, as well as in non-aggressive and explosive environments.

Name of the parameter and size SC-12M2A-CS
Maximum traction force, Н (кгс) 98066 (10000)
Linear speed of the rope, m/s 0,12
Haul length, m, no more than 200
Diameter of friction pulley of winch, mm 520
Angle of friction pulley contact, rad.
Installed capacity of winch drive, kW 30
Engine synchronous frequency, мин-1 750
Circuit voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions, mm:  
length 7000
width 2000
height 1350
Weight, kg, no more than 7000
Number of relocated cars, pcs. 10…12
Shunter controller SC-12M2A-CS
5 (100%) 1 Голос[ов]
Shunter controller SC-12M2A-CS