Vertical filtering unbalanced-throw centrifuges VFUT-1001K-02

Designed for dehydration of antricite fine concentrate of 0-13 mm in size, dabbled while being processed.

Name of the parameter and size VFUT-1001K-02
Performance  by initial coal, t/h 80
Humidity of initial coal, % 28
Humidity of dehydrated anthracite with content of fines in starting material of 0,5 mm class up to 5%, no more 7,5
Dehydrated anthracite output, %, no more 97
anthracite carryover with centrate, %, no more 3
Separation factor by maximum diameter of rotor 98 или 126
Rotor diameter, mm:
max. 1000
min. 820
Length of rotor generator, mm 500
Inclination  angle of rotor side to vertical axis, degrees 10
Rotor filtering surface, m2 1,45
Width of rotor opening, mm 0,4+0,1 или 0,25+0,05
Rotation frequency of rotor s-1 (rpm) 7(420) или 7,83(470)
Power capacity of rotor’s  electrical drive:
type 4АМУ180S4У2
power capacity, kW 22
rotation frequency с-1 (rpm) 24,5(1470)
assemblance 1М2081
service voltage 380/660
Centrifuge setting weight without mounting frame, kg  no more than 3500
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 2550
width 2060
height 1665
Mounting frame weight, kg, no more than 322
Working area for centrifuge, m2 6
Vertical filtering unbalanced-throw centrifuges VFUT-1001K-02