Laboratory Sample Conditioners LSC-150M1U, LSC-150M2, LC-300

Stationary conditioners are designed for grinding hard coal and lignite, anthracite, bituminous shale and their washed products  of 150 and 300 mm in size accordingly, and the allocation of laboratory samples, as well as grinding and selection of samples of materials with similar characteristics of the above mentioned (particle size, abrasivity, hardness etc .).

Sample conditioners are stationary installations, including a belt feeder, an impact mill, a bucket riffle, drives, a control cabinet. All machine components are frame mounted. Control cabinets are manufactured of IP20 version for non-hazardous rooms.

Sphere of application: coal washing plants, mines and other enterprises.

The main advantages of LSC-150M2:

  • modified and improved grinder casing, increased factor of safety;
  • modified technology of shutter grates production, which led to their quality improvement;
  • added chute on the side end of the machine for easy feeder cleaning in case of clogging;
  • control cabinet is designed in accordance with the latest techniques and has all kinds of shields that provide maximum protection for all of  the machine components;
  • elimination of the need to open an electric cabinet for adjusting production process;
  • fundamentally new mechanism of buckets (boats) movement provides more reliable riffle operation. The possibility of buckets jamming resulting from chains skewing is excluded. Maintenance and repair of the equipment are simplified;
  • LSC-150M2 has high-level  gear-motor drives by SEW-EURODRIVE.
Name of the parameter and size LSC-150М1У LSC-150М2 LC-300
Performance , t/h, no more than 2,2 2,5 6…10
Starting material size, mm, no more than 150 150 300
Size of drawn product for samples, mm 0…3 0…3 10
Number of samples produced by the machine, pcs 3 3 3
Humidity, %, no more than
lignite 60 60 60
hard coal and anthracite 18 18 18
bituminous shale 17 17 17
Installed capacity, kWh, no more than 18 (15/1,5/1,5) 16,5 (15/0,75/0,75) 21,5 (18,5/1,5/1,5)
Dimensions, mm, no more than
length 2000 2000 2600
width 1100 1100 1415
height 1800 1800 2600
Operative environmrent Room of B-IIa class
Operational mode manual/automatic with sampler
Circuit voltage, V 380 380 380
Current frequency, hz 50 50 50
Weight, kg, no more than 1750 1750 3567
Weight incl. electrical equipment and spare parts kit, kg 2120 2120 3887
Laboratory Sample Conditioners LSC-150M1U, LSC-150M2, LC-300
3.7 (73.33%) 3 Голос[ов]
Laboratory Sample Conditioners LSC-150M1U, LSC-150M2, LC-300