Laboratory Sample Conditioner LSC-300M1

Sample Conditioner LSC-300M1 is a complex of equipment from LSC-150M1U and LC-300, which allows to get size of the drawn product of 0 … 3 mm, the starting material being 300 mm.

Name of the parameter and size LSC-300M1
Performance, t/h, no more than 13…15
Starting material size, mm, no more than 300
Size of drawn product for samples, mm 0-3
Number of samples produced by the machine, pcs 3
Humidity, %, no more than
lignite 52
hard coal and anthracite 18
bituminous shale 17
Installed capacity, кВт 38
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than
length 3000
width 2230
height 3170
Operative environment Room of B-IIa class
Mode of operation manual/automatic with sampler
Circuit voltage, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50
Weight, kg, no more than 6410
Laboratory Sample Conditioner LSC-300M1
3 (60%) 2 Голос[ов]
Laboratory Sample Conditioner LSC-300M1