Mobile worm-tube sampler MWTS and SWTS

Designed for quality control of coal delivered to processing plants and power plants, for collecting samples of coal out of railway cars, and for partition, grinding and reducing samples, suitable for analysis.

Stationary warm-tube samplers SWTS are installed stationary on a foundation, while manipulator allows to conduct sample collection from any position without moving the car.
Sampler MWTS has mobile wheels-based construction, which serves for its transportation and servicing a number of railway flows positioned far away from each other. Construction doesn’t require any foundation building.

Name of the parameter and size MWTS SWTS
Sampling depth, м 2,4 2,4
Type of drive electrical electrical
Drive power, kW 63 63
Manipulator outreach, m:
minimal 7,56 7,56
maximal 1,83 1,83
Overall dimension, m:
length 6,48 6,2
width 3,62 2,85
height 8,92 8,8
Weight, kg 17500 8000 (без фундамента)
Mobile worm-tube sampler MWTS and SWTS