PDS.1М shaft door actuator

The actuator is intended to open and close a mine shaft door. The actuator is designed for operation in gaseous and dusty mines requiring the use of underground explosion-proof electrical equipment. It may be also used in other branches

Name of the parameter and size PDS.1М
Shell protection rating IР65
Explosion protection level and type РВ, 3В (Exdl)
Climatic version: for moderate and cold climate for tropical climate UKhL5T5
Traction force, N (adjustable) 100…1000
Linear velocity of drum, m/s 1
Door stroke, m, no more than 3
Operation mode repeated – short-term
Turn-on duration (TD), % 30
Cycle duration, sec, no more than 10
Consumed power, kW 1,5
Rated voltage, V 380/660
Dimensions, mm, no more than 500х300х300
Weight, kg 45
Operation in cold, moderate and tropical climate conditions at:
ambient temperature, °С air relative humidity at 35°С, %, no less than
-50…+45 100
PDS.1М shaft door actuator