Лебедки вспомогательные

Auxiliary  winches

Designed for descending and hoisting equipment and materials.


Designed for descending and hoisting equipment and materials on inclined to 30 ° workings of coal mines of any category, including gas   and dust hazardous mines.
Distinctive feature of the construction is the automatic brake closing in case of a power cutout, and the presence of friction, allowing smoothly adjust the speed. The winch is distinct in  a large pulling force, high speed and coiling length at relatively low engine capacity.


Peculiarity of the construction is speed adjustment and smooth descending. It is equipped with belt brakes, automatic brake freight closing and puller HMP-4.


Designed for transportation of mined rock in straightway workings of coal mines, including gas   and/or dust hazardous mines. The winch consists of a drum with a reducer, two hand brakes (brake and clutch) and mechanical brake, mounted on a common frame. The design allows to adjust the rotational speed of the drum via a clutch on a carrier of the planetary gear and handbrake on the drum. Winch’s reducer is double-profile. High-speed stage is a  double-profile parallel-shaft reducer in one-piece housing. The winch is slow moving.


An improved version of the winch AW-45 with the reducer by NORD (Germany), which provides an optimum torque at the output. It is reliable, and has reduced noise level. It is capable to withstand substantial overloads both radial and axial. Due to this the winch can operate reliably under periodic and permanent loads at different temperature conditions.

The advantages of the new construction  AW-45.01
Compact construction of the drive;
Easy installation (mounting and dismounting) of engine and reducer;
Long life reducer’s bearings – more than 100, 000 hours;
High reliability and overload capacity, service factor – 2.5;

Name of the parameter and size AW-25 AWУ-25 AW-45 AW-45.01
Pulling force at the last layer of rope reeling, kN 25 25 45 45
Rope speed at the last layer of rope reeling, m/s 1,2 1,28 1,3 1,2
Coiling length of a drum, м 1200 1200 1100 1100
Rope diameter, mm 15 15 19 19
Installed power capacity, kW 30 32,2 57,2 57,2
Brakes type Belt brake
Automatic brake closing freight

Automatic brake release

Overall dimensions, mm:
length 2120 2120 2000 2240
width 1370 1520 2000 2330
height 1115 1115 1400 1400
Weight, kg 2100 2360 4300 4400
Auxiliary  winches