Лебедка ШВА-18000×0,25П

Shaft auxiliary winch SAW-18000×0,25P

Auxilary mine winch is designed for relocating goods and equipment, materials handling and mounting and dismounting operations in shaft conditions.

Consuming energy is compressed air with pressure from 0.5 to 0.6 MPa. The winch is equipped with a braking system: pneumatic brakes on a pulley of an intermediate shaft; manual belt brake on the drum flange; (mechanical emergency) ratchet brake on the block’s body.

Pulling force, kN, no less than:
at the first layer of rope reeling 24
at the middle layer of rope reeling 31,5
at the last layer of rope reeling 39
Rope speed with average drum radius, m/s 0,25±0,01
Rope diameter, mm 15
Coiling length of a drum, m, no more than 153
Installed capacity, kW 9
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1075
width 660
height 668
Weight, kg 575
Shaft auxiliary winch SAW-18000×0,25P