Installation winch IWT-150

Is designed to move the stall equipment of mechanized longwall set of equipment inside the mounting (dismounting) rooms coal mines’ working face with an inclination angle of 35 °. The winch may be used for: delivering of equipment to the long-face place in the development working with inclination  angle up to 90 °; unloading its vehicle or loading the vehicle; delivering  the equipment inside the development working in trucks, skips or buckets;extracting lining and equipment in case of workings shut-down and doing other supporting works.

Pulling force, kN 150
Rope speed, m/s 0,13
Coiling length of a drum, м 260
Operating voltage, V 380/660/1140
Engine of the drive:
power capacity, kW 30
rotation frequency, rpm 1500
Operating voltage, V 660
Engine of mechanical brake’s electrohydraulic puller:
type ТЭ-300-250
power capacity, kW 2,2
rotation frequency, rpm 3000
Number of brakes 1 operating shoe type brake,
1 emergency shoe type brake
Emergency brake’s drive hydropuller HP-300-250
Operating brake’s drive hydropuller HP-50MRV
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 1130
width 3200
height 1200
Weight without rope, kg 4420
Installation winch IWT-150