Грузчик пневматический ГП-0,25А (аналог ГП-0,25)

Pneumatic loader ГП-0.25А (similar to ГП-0,25)

The loader is meant for loading of shot rock to hoisting vessels during tunnelling and deepening of mines vertical shafts, clearing of shaft bottom sumps, sinking of dummy shafts of 4 to 9 m diameter of all depths.

Technical performance , м3/мин, no less than 0,46
Grab capacity , м3 0,25
Duration of digging cycle, average, s 33
Maximum lumpiness of rock , mm, no more than 250
Operating pressure in the pneumatic system, kgs/sm2 3…6
Loader lifting capacity, kg•f/H 500 (4900)
Piston diameter of the pneumatic hoist , mm 260
Pneumatic hoist stroke , м 2,47
Connecting hoses diameter , mm 25
Overall dimension in working position, m:
open grab diameter 1,642
closed grab diameter 1,15
loader height (max) 7,757
loader height (min) 7,347
Overall dimensions in transport position:
length, м 3,185
grab weight as delivered, kg 1090
Pneumatic loader ГП-0.25А (similar to ГП-0,25)