Дробильно-фрезерная машина ДФМ-20М

Crushing-and-milling machines CMM-20M

Designed for crushing tilted out of railway cars using tippler on sorting grill of frozen lumps of coal and grills of receiving bin, different types of rotary rail car tipplers, as well as on grills of receiving bins unloading devices  with side rail car tipplers.

Name of the parameter and size CMM-20M
Hardness of grinding material, kg/ cm2 450
Lump size of grinding material, mm, no more than 800
Active crushing area, mm 3 100
Moving speed, m/min 3,5…12,8
Track on rail axes , mm 3 450,00
Overall dimensions, mm 2 650 x 3 615 x 1 025
Weight, kg, no more than 12 100

Technical characteristics and assembly models of crushing-and-milling machines can be changed according to customer’s requirements.

Crushing-and-milling machines CMM-20M